Welcome to Vestre Aker badminton club

Badminton offers the players good health and an opportunity to combine technique, agility, endurance, power and deception into genuinely exciting experience. You can play for fun and or you can play to be the best! In our club we have members in all ages and we can guarantee you that you´ll get  many good matches, a lot of fun and one great community.

Don´t hesitate! Come and play and have some fun. Read more here: How to join.


Training times: (or check our calendar here).

The training times for next season September 2014 – June 2015 will be as follows:

1600 – 1730: Badminton school for new juniors (Junior 4)
1730 – 1900: Free play for Juniors & Seniors (3-4 courts)
(1730 – 1830) Beginners course (3-4 courts, Dates to be announced!)

1600 – 1730: Junior 3
1730 – 1900: Junior 2
1845 – 2030: Senior 1 & 2, Junior 1
1945 – 2130: Senior 3 & 4 & 5
2100 – 2230: Free play

1600 – 1730: Junior 3
1730 – 1900: Junior 2
1845 – 2000: Seniors (all), Junior 1
2000 – 2230: Free play

1200 – 1500: Free play junior and senior (When the hall is not busy with other arrangements. Check calendar before you go!)


Training location:

All training will be in Voksenhallen.

0767 Oslo

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How to get there:

Bus is the closest, it stops practically right outside the hall.
If you take the Tbane(se the map below) you walk down the road to the right of the ICA shop, over the bridge and cross Hovsetertorget diagonally (up the stairs at the end of the square). Keep walking until you hit the end of the road – it meanders a little to the right to go past the apartment blocks at the end. Down the little hill you’ll see a soccer field straight ahead and a school to the right of the field. The hall is at the school, so you just walk around the soccerfield to get there.

Closest bus station: Jarbakken (lines 45 and 46)
Closest T-bane station: Hovseter (Line 5)

Direction from Tbane: Hovseter (Line 5)

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